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Insider Win/Loss Tips and Secrets With Instructor Diane Pierson
What is it?
A guided win/loss workshop with instructor and innovation expert Diane Pierson. In this session, Diane will provide a win/loss refresher and break down the steps of a successful win/loss analysis utilizing a real client journey as a case study. We’ll then discuss the best approaches for conducting and implementing these programs and common roadblocks that can prevent success.

Who is it for?
PMs, PMMs and team leads, this call is for you. Join us for a discussion surrounding how to conduct a successful win/loss interview, ways to get buy-in within your organization and how to create your own W/L action plan. This call is a great way to find ways to improve your current win/loss program or discover the best approaches for creating one.

Why attend?
 If you would like to:
· Get a robust win/loss refresher from a seasoned instructor
· Learn how to develop a W/L action plan that you can execute and integrate
· Improve the W/L workflows you already have in place
· Clarify and avoid roadblocks that prevent success
· Learn top approaches for leading a successful program
·  And more!

Aug 18, 2022 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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